QuantiMotion Extended Version

An extended version of the QuantiMotion full-body wearable motion capturing system that provides additional features as described below.

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Standard Features

  • Capture motion while freely moving in natural environment.
  • Easily control the system with our free iOS app.
  • Playback the recorded motion in Augmented Reality with our free iOS app.

Extended Features

  • Combination with other sensors, e.g. force sensors for measuring floor contact etc.
  • Audible live feedback with individually adjustable thresholds
  • Up to 100 Hz motion sampling rate
  • Cloud backend for storing, analyzing, and sharing of multi-modal recordings
  • Export of recorded data to CSV and other formats


  • iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch with iOS 10 or newer

Environment-friendly manufacturing

Where possible, plastic parts are manufactured in-house using biodegradable material (PLA) which is made from renewable resources. The electronics are RoHS compliant and produced in Europe.

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