QuantiForce Brass LIVE

Your new high-tech companion for brass playing! Enter the future of music performance and learning.

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For an introduction please see QuantiForce Strings.

Force Display

See the current force in real-time on a clear display with a circle visual element in the app.

Reduced Distraction Display

See the current force in real-time on a color-changing display in the app with no moving elements for reduced distraction during playing.

Time Series Display

See how force varies over time on a time series graph display in the app.

Camera Image Display

Optionally display the live camera image from the front or back camera of the device that runs the app.

Save to Video

Record the live display to a movie file which you can analyze later or share. Everything the app displays is recorded, including the live camera image if selected.

What’s in the box

  • Chin rest with integrated QuantiForce Chin Rest LIVE sensor
  • Micro-USB charger
  • Free access to the companion iOS app

Environment-friendly manufacturing

Where possible, plastic parts are manufactured in-house using biodegradable material (PLA) which is made from renewable resources. This is good for the environment but it also lets us respond quickly to different shapes of brass instruments that we have not seen yet. And it also gives each part a unique look. Please contact us in case the delivered adapters don't fit your instrument and we will find a solution.

Data sheet

Force Update Rate 12.5 Hz
Force Channels 1
Force Resolution ca. 100 gr. (1 N)
Loudness Sensor (smartphone/tablet)
Loudness Update Rate 12.5 Hz
Battery Life 10 h
Charging micro-USB
Connectivity Bluetooth 4.0 LE (BLE)
Requirements iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch with iOS 9 or newer, or compareable Adroid device
Dimensions 97 x 48 x 32 mm
Weight 74 g