QuantiMotion Extended Version

An extended version of the QuantiMotion full-body wearable motion capturing system that provides additional features as described below.

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More details


For an introduction please see QuantiMotion.

Standard Features

  • Capture motion while freely moving in natural environment.
  • Easily control the system with our free iOS app.
  • Playback the recorded motion in Augmented Reality with our free iOS app.

Extended Features

  • Combination with other sensors, e.g. force sensors for measuring floor contact etc.
  • Audible live feedback with individually adjustable thresholds
  • Up to 100 Hz motion sampling rate
  • Cloud backend for storing, analyzing, and sharing of multi-modal recordings
  • Export of recorded data to CSV and other formats


  • iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch with iOS 10 or newer

Environment-friendly manufacturing

Where possible, plastic parts are manufactured in-house using biodegradable material (PLA) which is made from renewable resources. This is good for the environment but it also lets us respond quickly to different shapes of brass instruments that we have not seen yet. And it also gives each part a unique look. Please contact us in case the delivered adapters don't fit your instrument and we will find a solution.

Please contact us for a quote.