QuantiForce Brass

Quantify your Brass Playing Performance

Bonsai QuantiForce mounted at the mouth piece of a trumpet.

The ultimate tool to gather meaningful insights in brass playing. Measure lip pressure at the mouth piece with unprecedented precision and combine it with sound pressure level measurements that capture even your loudest tone. See all data in real time for an immediate feedback on your playing. Record the data for later analysis.

Live display of force and loudness.

Play better. Play safer.

Practice to play more efficiently: keep an eye on the force applied to the mouth piece when playing louder or higher tones. Less force can be beneficial for the health of your lips. Experience new ways of teaching and learning.

Mount within seconds on virtually any brass instrument.

Mount within seconds

Fits virtually any brass instrument

A series of carefully designed adapters enables you to easily mount QuantiForce Brass on virtually any type of brass instrument with different pipe diameters and geometries.

Live feedback on tablet and smartphone.

Immediate visual feedback

See the invisible forces

Connect QuantiForce Brass via Bluetooth to the free companion iOS app for immediate display of the measured data while you are playing. Gather helpful insights during play or record the data for offline analysis with your teacher.

PLA bioplastics

Environmentally friendly

We use biodegradable material from renewable resources (PLA) wherever possible. The electronics are RoHS compliant and produced in Europe.

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